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Greek Super Patch

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GSP FIFA 09 Update v2.0 - GSL, B' Ethniki and Cyprus Addon PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michael Pissanos   
Saturday, 31 January 2009 21:03
Yes its finally released! The patch you all have been waiting for! The GSP FIFA 09 Update v2.0 patch adds the Greek Superlague, Greece 2nd Division (Beta Ethniki) and Cypriot Marfin Laiki into FIFA09! Rosters do not reflect the winter transfers as these will be reflected in the next update. Now you can play Tournament and Manager mode with your favorite leagues! Patch also adds new kit fonts, support for English and German versions of FIFA, kit updates for 12 international team, new referee kits and much more (click on read more for additional info and installation instructions).

Video Trailer

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- Always use a clean (unmodified) installation of FIFA  09. If you have made modifications to your game, you may wish to backup your data folder and make a copy of your FIFA09 folder under My Documents. This patch will overwrite any existing data you may have.
- Download the patch from our Downloads > FIFA09 section
- Run the GSP FIFA09 v2.0 installer
- Thats it! Enjoy the game!

Patch details

- Support for English and German language versions of FIFA09.
- Adds correct and realistic kits for all teams of the Greek Superleague and Greek Beta Ethniki (Division 2)
- Adds correct and realistic kits for all teams of the Cypriot Marfin Laiki Division 1 and Cyprus Division 2*
- Adds Cypriot National Team and corrected Holland NT
- Updated international kits for Greece, Cyprus, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Finland, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Ukraine, Argentina and Cameron
- Adds realistic ad boards for Greece and Cyprus (available in Tournament and Manager modes)
- Tournament and Manager modes for Greek Superleague, Beta Ethniki, Greek (Hellas Online) Cup, Cyprus Marfin Laiki and Cypriot (Coca Cola) Cup
- Flags for all team in the Greece Superleague, Beta Ethiki, Cyprus Marfin Laiki, Netherlands and  Czech Republic.
- Corrects reported bug of missing Panathinaikos badge in-game
- Corrects and home and away kits for AEK and PAOK
- 3rd kit updates for or AEK Athens, ARIS, Iraklis, Levadiakos, Olympiacos, Panathinaikos, PAOK and Kavala
- Updated GK kits for teams  mentioned above
- Unlocked all Fan shop items to 0 points!
- Adds official Greek Superleague Nike Total 90 Omni ball to Greek teams.
- New referee kits
- Adds the following stadiums into the game: OAKA Athens Olympic Statium, Toumba, Karaiskaki, Kaftanzogleio, Pigadia, GSP Stadium and Santiago Bernabeu

* We also introduced 2 teams from the Cyprian Division 2 to have 16 teams in the Cyprian cup. This also allows for teams to be promoted and demoted into the Marfin Laiki division. We DO NOT recommend using the Cyprian Division 2 in Tournament or Manager mode as it causes the game to crash. This will be fixed in future releases.


Manny thanks go out to our friends Mogolos and Boksic for their fantastic work creating the leagues and kits! Special thanks also go out to a very good and old friend of mine Hagakos for his realistic kit fonts. Thanks also go out to Soccercrazy, Marco Turco and Robbie for their stadium conversions and our GSP Reseach Team for their hard work in providing the information needed for this patch.

Administrator : Mike Pissanos
Kit Development:  Mogolos (Vlasis Tzoumaris) / Panagiotis Voskos (boksic)
Flag Development:  Panagiotis Voskos (boksic), Mike Pissanos, Makispla
Ball update: Mike Pissanos
Kit Fonts: Hagakos
Stadiums: Soccercrazy, Marco Turco, Robbie
Research Team: Argonautis, scorpions1996, D3MiS, Mr Pak, momolos, Shady, aurellio,Panagr
Last Updated on Thursday, 05 March 2009 16:22