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The GSP Goal of the Month has begun! PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michael Pissanos   
Sunday, 08 February 2009 07:32
We just started the GSP GOTM competition! If you would like to participate, submit your best goals in the GSP Media section. Please read and visit our forum for additional information on the GSP GOTM!  Members please vote on your favorite goal and feel free to leave your comments.

GSP Goal of the Month (GOTM) Trailer

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The GSP GOTM is a monthly competition by

Rule of the GSP Goal Of The Month (GOTM)

Who can participate:
1. All registered GSP Members
2. Videos must be submitted in a .wmv format (this is done by using the  LOAD/EXPORT options in FIFA 09) using the following settings (Output Resolution = MEDIUM or HIGH and Output Video Quality = HIGH).
3. You may upload as many as 3 video replays however only the best of these will count.
4. Videos should be ONLY from FIFA 2009 (we recommend using Greek or Cypriot teams).

Submitting your goals:
1. Using the settings mentioned above, create your video within FIFA 09. The file will be created in your FIFA folder under My Documents i.e. video.wmv
2. Login to our website and click on the GSP Media tab (link). Next, click on Upload Video and follow the instructions.  
Provide your file's info (see above example) and post it in the GSP Goal of the month section.

The competition starts every month and you will be able to submit your files during the first 20 days. After that we will lock in all video's submitted.

1. Each member can vote on their favorite video using a rating system of 1 thru 5 stars (5 being the best)
2. The member with the highest rank per number of votes wins!

Example: Lets assume we have 3 videos submitted with the following stats. Note that 9 votes have been cast in total. A percentage (ratio of votes/total votes) will multiplied by your current rank to calculate an overall final score.

Video 1 Votes 5, Rank 4,41
4,41 Rank * (5/9) or 55% of the total votes = 2.425 (final score)

Video 2 Votes 1, Rank 5
5 Rank * (1/9) or 11% of the total votes = 0.555 (final score)

Video 3 Votes 3, Rank 5
5 Rank * (3/9) or 33% of the total votes  = 1.665 (final score)

Therefore in the scenario above, Video 1 would take 1st place, Video 3 2nd place and so on.
Last Updated on Thursday, 02 April 2009 19:38