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Greek Super Patch

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GSP FIFA 15 Patch - Greece Super League v1.0 [PC] PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Mike   
Sunday, 28 December 2014 14:55

We are proud to announce the release of our first patch for FIFA 15 just in time for the holiday season! The patch adds the Greek Superlegue & OPAP cup (using the teams from the Greek superleague). Patch includes AEK Athens as promised. Click here to download the patch and here for installation instructions. Please continue reading for more details ...

Patch details

1) The Superleague OPAP tournament including all its teams (18). Eredivisie is replaced, but can be played in tournament mode.
2) The greek cup tournament.
3) AEK Athens in Rest of World.
4) The ability of participation with any greek team in local an european tournaments in career mode even in first season.
5) Real rosters for Paraguay and Venezuela.
6) Real Greek referees.
7) The official Superleague ball, CL ball, EC ball.
8) Specific referee kits depending on the tournament.
9) Greek guards, security, ballboys, photographers.
10) Champions League and Europa League atmosphere with their own banners, adboards, photographers and ballboys.
12) Updated rosters to Nov 12 2014.
13) Added [missing from original game] players who can be found ingame as free agents .
14) Original Vicenza.
15) Tracks suits & uniforms have been added for all Greek teams.
16) Faces for Ninis, Athanasiadis, Glykos, Salpingidis, Fetfatzidis, Maniatis, Nano, Karnezis, Katsouranis, Samaras, Samaris, Siovas, Avraam and Kyriakos Papadopoulos, Rat, Kappel, Tziolis, Torosidis, Tzavellas, Schildenfeld, Mak, Pranjic, Mitroglou, Gekas, Milivojevic, Manolas, Katsikas, Cholebas, Kassami, Lazaros, Kone, Karelis, Kapino, Bouy.
17) Lot of kits for greek teams.
18) Alternative GK kits for greek teams.
19) minifaces for all players of Superleague.
20) original kits and logos for all national teams.
21) Real names and logos for all teams and tournaments.
22) original kit for serie B teams.

database and patch structure: mogolos and pao4ever.
faces: ily94, Simo4u, Guarin_91, PAPACAPONE, Tornado, BikaHip, vojasrbin, aurion17, Sam_Red_Devil, afwan11, aeh1991
minifaces: salonica3, mogolos
UCL ball: Jorge78, UEL ball: Rabzyxor.
European adboards: eafh.
Roberto gloves: AresMX.
Trophies: Sepak.
kits, uniforms, bench and warming kits: mogolos, pao4ever, Vigil, L77, WinCool, EmilianoVidela, ManUtdFan20, Americanizta.
flags and banner: mogolos, 7pao7, mike.
nets: pao4ever, 7pao7.
scarves: pao4ever.
photographers, police, steward, ballboys and wipe: pao4ever.
project supervision, advertise and communication: mike
special graphics and videos: mike and pao4ever.

tools: FHL-BH-Editor, Fifa Master 15 tools.