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Greek Super Patch

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GSP Forum Rules - rev1.2

1. Under no circumstances should the rules set forth in this Forum be violated in any way.

2. Published messages should contribute constructively to topic of discussion. Meaningless, provocative or off topic posts will be deleted without warning.  Any kind advertising is strictly prohibited. This forum is a place of constructive discussion and entertainment and not seeking customers for your personal gain. Forum administrators and/or moderators reserve the right to delete any message that does not abide by these conditions and delete them without warning.

3. When posting messages in Greek please use Greek character sets. Avoid using greeklish (Greek written with English characters) as this will cause issues when performing searches.

4. Words or phrases written in all capitals in internet etiquette are considered yelling. Please refrain from using all caps when replying or posting messages as most people might find that offensive.

5. We do not support or discuss cracked and/or pirated distributions on this forum. Period! This includes discussions about or links to pirated software. We do not condone piracy. Any posts, links or discussions of such will be deleted and will result in baning your account indefinitely.

6. Infringement of intellectual property is prohibited. This may include photographs or other posted material(s). Forum admins and moderators reserve the right to discipline users found in violation and take whatever actions necessary. Their decisions is final and not subject to debate.

7. To avoid duplicate questions, members should use the forum search feature and check for any existing publications before posting any potential issues. Odds are that is has already been discussed and there is no need to duplicate that effort.  Our team will be present to direct you to the right forum topic however, reserves the right to delete any such duplicate messages.

8. Please refrain from starting topics with one line subjects, question marks or any verbiage that is indirect, obscure or unintuitive. The subject of your message should be a brief description of the topic you are creating.

9. The role of the forum admins and moderators is to implement and observe the rules set forth in this document. By participating in this forum, you acknowledge the role of these members as they reserve the right to implement these rules to the best of their discretion without prejudice.

10. The use of personal messages “PM” outside the forum’s scope is prohibited. Such examples include but are not limited to support related questions (since there is an entire section dedicated for that there is no need to send personal messages to the admin/mod’s),  unsolicited services, advertising, bullying, abuse, obscene and / or insulting messages, exchange of information whose publication would not be otherwise allowed in the forum and so on. Any reports of abuse should be brought to the admin or moderator’s attention immediately so action(s) can be taken.

11. User accounts that have an invalid email address will be deleted.

Last but not least, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Our team is here to provide you with the best possible experience and above all... talk about our favorite FIFA GAMES!!!! 

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